The Department of Information Technology at the Podhigai College of Engineering and Technology (PCET), Tirupattur, was formed in 2009. Since its inception, the department has always been recognized all over the world for excellence in teaching. Global Excellence and Local Relevance in research, teaching, and technology development is the vision of the Department. Our faculty members aim at delivering top class education blending their rich research experience with classroom teaching.

The fundamental objective of the Department of Information Technology of the Podhigai College of Engineering and Technology (PCET) is to provide the opportunity for our students to develop a firm foundation in mathematics, science, and design methodology applied to the disciplines of Computer Science & Engineering. Our course covers all fundamentals, working and expert subjects that provides enough learning environment where students understand and are able to apply the most contemporary and essential tools needed in the breadth and depth of computer science & engineering.

Our course gives skills essential to practicing engineering professionals; it is also an objective to provide experience in leadership, management, planning, and organization we believe that student opportunities and experiences should lead to an appreciation of the holistic development of individual.

The need for professionals with a background of Computer Science & Engineering is always on the rise. Those with problem solving skills are the ones in demand. Professionals with these skills are sure to land up with successful careers in the years to come. The Department of Computer Science and Engineering will thus cater to the above needs by providing with theoretical and practical knowledge and with a goal to equip the students face the vast world of technology.

The department continues to lead the nation in terms of excellence in research and teaching in Computer Science and Engineering.


Department of Information Technology has a good number of full-time faculty members with best available exposure and skillset to ever-growing horizon of IT industry. It offers full time course for UG(B.TECH-IT) and full time. The Department has already setup highly equipped laboratories for the benefits of students to have proper up gradation of knowledge in core IT areas.

Computer Practice Laboratory

Podhigai Engineering College - Computer- Practice Lab

This Lab is designed to provide a comprehensive study of the C programming language. It stresses the strengths of C, which provide students with the means of writing efficient, maintainable, and portable code.

The nature of C language is emphasized in the wide variety of examples and applications.. To learn and acquire art of computer programming.To know about some popular programming languages and how to choose2.Programming language for solving a problem.

Data Structures Laboratory

Podhigai Engineering College - Data Structures Lab

The objective of this lab is to teach students various data structures and to explain them algorithms for performing various operations on these data structures. The course aims are:

  • Demonstrate familiarity with major algorithms and data structures.
  • Analyze performance of algorithms..
  • Choose the appropriate data structure and algorithm design method for a specified application..
  • Determine which algorithm or data structure to use in different scenarios. .
  • Be familiar with writing recursive methods.

DBMS Laboratory

Podhigai Engineering College - DBMS Lab

This lab enables students to create, organize and interact with databases. For this 60 personal computers with database software have been installed. The Application software includes Oracle 9i which works under windows.

CASE Tools Laboratory

Podhigai Engineering College - Case Tools Lab

This lab is fully furnished with IBM’s Rational rose and other software which make students to design the modeling and UML diagrams through which code can be generated which is so easy for programmers to code rather than doing it from the scratch. The lab has 60 systems equipped with Intel core 2 Duo processor.

OS & NETWORK Laboratory

Podhigai Engineering College - OS Lab

This Lab will introduce the basic principles in Operating System. It will cover all the management modules present in the OS like process management, Memory management, File management, Disk management, Network management, I/O management.


Podhigai Engineering College - COMPUTER GRAPHICS Lab

This lab facilitates students to learn and develop two dimensional transformation and three dimensional like translation, rotation, reflection and scaling using Turbo c.

OPEN SOURCE Laboratory

Podhigai Engineering College - OPEN SOURCE Lab

TThis lab facilitates students to learn and install various open source software. This lab is handled with application soft ware’s like APACHE TOMCAT, PYTHON, PERL and MYSQL.

Teaching Staff


A.Raj Ganesh

Head of the Department


G. Rajasekaran

Associate Professor



Assistant Professor

S.Kanimozhi - CSE


Assistant Professor

S.Jayasudha - CSE


Assistant Professor

A.Nandhini - CSE


Assistant Professor

J.Kanimozhi - CSE


Assistant Professor

M.Manju - CSE


Assistant Professor

M. Lavanya - CSE

M. Lavanya

Assistant Professor

Non - Teaching Staff

Arunkumar - CSE

S. Arunkumar

System Administrator


V. Rubachandran

System Administrator

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