Labs at Podhigai College of Engineering and Technology are with unmatched quality and at par with any other foreign institutions

Labs at Podhigai College of Engineering and Technology are equiped with technically advanced, precision engineered instruments and machines so as to enable our students to be best.

Internet & Intranet

Our college has a dedicated internet lab working 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. We give free internet access to our students. We have 255 Mbps 1:1 dedicated leased line internet connectivity (155 Mbps from Reliance and 100 Mbps from Vodafone). The internet can be accessed from more than 250 computers.

We have started migrating from the proprietory software to Free and Open Source Software 7 years back and as a result, most of our computers are operated only on Open Source Technologies now. We are using free and open source software in replacement of commercial software wherever possible. We have installed proprietory software in a very few labs just to explore the technologies to the students and faculty.

All the departments and the HODs have internet connectivity. We have also provided a free 24x7 Wi-Fi facility in the entire campus (including hostels, cafeteria, seminar halls, auditorium) for the benefit of the students and faculty to avail internet connection from anywhere in the campus. The campus intranet has important details about Test Schedules, Time Tables, Examination Schedules, Campus News etc., and a wealth of information about the college.

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