The Civil Engineering Program,at Podhigai College of Engineering and Technology (PCET), offers programs of study leading to the Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering. The Civil Engineering program is accredited by AICTE which represents the major professional engineering groups in the India.

Civil engineering is one of the main pillars of the advancement of any country through establishing the infrastructure projects necessary to the welfare of human being. Since its establishment, the civil engineering department has effectively contributed to the rapid development of the Kingdom. The graduates hold key positions in all governmental and private sectors. Best Civil Engineering Colleges in Tirupattur, Vellore District.

Civil Engineering includes the research, development, planning, design, construction, and maintenance associated with urban development, water supply, structures, energy generation and transmission, water treatment and disposal, and transportation systems. Civil engineers deal with the analysis, design, construction, function and safety of complex structures and systems including buildings, bridges, dams, pipelines, highways, and harbors, and is concerned with the protection of the public against natural hazards of earthquakes, floods, landslides, and fires.

Geotechnical Engineering Lab

Podhigai Engineering College -Geotechnical Engineering Lab

The laboratory is well equipped for testing all geotechnical properties. Some of major laboratory testing equipments include triaxial test apparatus, Consolidation test unit ,permeability,Direct shear apparatus.The equipments for fieldtesting include standard penetration test, plate load test and auger boring

Highway Engineering Lab

Podhigai Engineering College -Highway Engineering Lab

The laboratory is equipped with various instruments for testing soil, aggregates,bitumen and bituminous mixes. Major equipments are Penetration Apparatus. Ductility Apparatus, Softening point Apparatus, Aggregate impact value testing machine, Los Angeles Abrasion value testing machine and CBR Testing equipment

Surveying Lab

Podhigai Engineering College - Surveying Lab

The laboratory is equipped with modern instruments like Total Station,Theodolite, Dumpy level and Compass etc.

Concrete technology Lab

Podhigai Engineering College -Concrete technology Lab

Some of the major equipments are Vicat’s apparatus, Compression testing machine, Compacting factor test,Vee bee consistometer,Jaw Crusher,Concrete Cutter, Accelerated curing tank .

Mechanics of materials Lab

Podhigai Engineering College -Mechanics of materials Lab

The laboratory is equipped with various machines like Universal testing machine, Torsion testing machine,Impact testing Machine and Hardness testing machines.

Geo Informatics Lab

Podhigai Engineering College - Geo Informatics Lab

The lab is equipped with GPS. Softwares like Arc GIS, Arc View,ERDAS Imagine, lica photogrammetric suit are available.These are used for student projects, research projects and training programmes.

CAD Laboratory

Podhigai Engineering College - CAD Lab

Latest softwares like AUTO CADD 2014, STAAD Pro V8i, MxRoad and Autoplotter are available in this Laboratory.

Environmental Engineering Laboratory

Podhigai Engineering College - Environmental Engineering Laboratory

This laboratory helps in the scientific assessment and development of engineering solutions to environmental problems impacting land, water, air. Principles and practices of water,waste water and air analysis is done in this laboratory.Major equipments in this laboratory are Thermostatically controlled oven, Jar test apparatus, Distilled water still,BOD incubator, Muffle furnace,Suction pump,Air compressor,Conductivity meter,High volume air sampler,Reflux apparatus,Magnetic stirrer,Nephelometer .

Teaching Staff


K. Rajalakshmi

Head of the Department

Praveen Kumar-Civil

M.Praveen Kumar

Assistant Professor

Vijayalakshmi S - Civil

Vijayalakshmi S

Assistant Professor



Assistant Professor


D.Suresh Kumar

Assistant Professor



Assistant Professor



Assistant Professor



Assistant Professor

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