The Department of Mechanical Engineering is one of the three major departments established right from the beginning of the College. The department has well experienced and dedicated faculty and staff members of proven ability and administrative skills. Our endeavor has been to produce the best Mechanical Technocrats to serve the growing needs of the country in the field of Mechanical Engineering. It has well equipped state-of-the-art laboratories that cater to the needs of the students.

We have Industrial Visits for the Students by which they can gain knowledge about the industries in which they are going to bloom. Every year, the department organizes a national level technical symposium christened as “Mechtrickz” which attracts participants from numerous colleges from different parts of the country.

The department organizes Guest Lectures, Seminars and various Training programs with the help of engineers and academicians of national and international repute to help students to keep abreast with the latest developments in the field of Mechanical Engineering. Additional training is imparted to students on Personality Development and other soft-skills relevant to industry needs.

Thermal Lab- I & II

This Laboratory is equipped with various types of Single cylinder, Multi-cylinder Diesel and Petrol engines, Boilers, AVL Exhaust Gas Analyser & Smoke meter, Boiler & turbine setup, Wind tunnel, Air compressor, Refrigeration Test rig.

Thermal Lab- II This Laboratory is equipped with Heat exchanger, Refrigeration & Air conditioning, various conduction, convection and radiation testing equipments. All the equipment’s are provided with the latest digital read out.

Dynamics Laboratory

Podhigai Engineering College - Dynamics Lab

The Laboratory is equipped with instruments to assess the performance of CAM, Governors, Gyroscopic couple and critical speed of shaft.

The Laboratory is also equipped with Dynamic balancing machine, equipments to measure frequency of vibration (Damped and Undamped Free and Forced), equipments to determine moment of Inertia of connecting rod and fly wheel by Oscillation method, different Strain gauges and Dynamometer, Journal bearing apparatus, etc.

Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Laboratory

Podhigai Engineering College - Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Lab

This Laboratory fulfills the academic needs of the students and is equipped with various types of pumps and turbines like Pelton wheel, Francis turbine, Kaplan turbine and other flow measuring devices.

Manufacturing Technology Laboratory

Podhigai Engineering College - Manufacturing Technology  Lab

Manufacturing Technology Laboratory is equipped with various production machines like Lathes, Drilling machines, Milling machines, Slotting machines, Shaping machines, Capstan and Turret Lathe, Gear hobbing machine, Planner, Surface grinding, Cylindrical grinding and other grinding machines. Training on these machines will help student to know about the working of machines and their operation.

Strength of Materials Laboratory

Podhigai Engineering College - DBMS Lab - Strength of Materials

The students will study the various physical properties of materials and learn to choose and use right type of material in project for their right job. This will also help to check the quality of materials. Machines like Universal testing machine, Compression testing machine, Hardness testing machine etc., were used.

CAD Laboratory

Podhigai Engineering College - CAD Lab

It is equipped with 31 Computer systems with latest software like Auto CAD, ANSYS, Solid edges, etc., used in designing the various mechanical components and to learn about simulation of the same. Computer Aided Designing is a main part of automation, i.e., CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing).


Podhigai Engineering College - Workshops

There are 6 different units in Workshop, which will enable the students to gain practical experience in various trades and workshop practices. An engineer should have not only theoretical exposure but also practical experience so that he would be in a enviable position as a practicing engineer. The Workshop caters to following trades: Carpentry, Foundry, Fitting, Sheet Metal and Welding.

Teaching Staff


K. Kuppan

Head of the Department


V. Sridhar

Assistant Professor


M. Anand

Assistant Professor


D. Balamurali

Assistant Professor


E. Vinayagamoorthy

Assistant Professor



Assistant Professor


Dr. K. Manigandan

Associate Professor

Non - Teaching Staff


V. V. Shanmugam

Lab Assistant

Ramesh Kumar Mechanical

S. Rameshkumar

Lab Assistant

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